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          Welcome to jiangxi code agriculture information technology co. LTD.
              Asp.net/access/bootstrap enterprise website management system is -KeyWebCMS technology development, and can adapt to the computer and mobile devices, page friendly, user experience, good performance. The background supports multiple languages and can be extended at all languagesFree switching between versions for management. The website contains the main function of enterprise website (about us, news, product, message, talent recruitment, engineering case, photo album, etc.), and can add columns to expand, which is suitable for the two development. writingChapter, product, album module, you can set SEO parameters individually, and a key to generate a static page, more friendly to SEO. The system can copy products, articles, album to other language versions, etc., making the operation more convenient, and embedded in Baidu translate, doubleTo start translations, the current version has been integrated with a template engine that supports aspx page and can freely replace templates.
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